Part and process design for elastomer injection molding

RIM Elastomere Rubber Gummi und Kautschuk kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould Rubber calculates the filling and curing of injection molded parts in rubber. The simulation permits the precise layout of parts, the design and construction of application-optimized molds and the efficient configuration of the molding process.

With the Rubber program, you take the correct decisions during the development phase of the elastomer parts already. You arrive at the best injection configurations and filling conditions with considerably fewer modification loops and avoid injection molding errors.

The Rubber program also ideally complements the Cadmould solutions for thermoplastics.


  • Calculates the filling and curing of parts in elastomers
  • Visualizes critical points such as weld lines
  • Simulates single and multiple cavities, plus family molds
  • Shows the scorch and curing level of the part during and after filling
  • Calculates cycle times and makes allowance for the gating system
  • Automatically creates individually configurable reports
  • Compatible with many other Cadmould modules
  • Imports molded part geometries in STL and IGES formats
  • Supports CAD-independent changes to molded part wall thickness
  • Includes an open material database to which customized rubber compounds can be added


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