Software for coupling process and structure simulation for injection molded plastic components

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CONVERSE is an easy-to-use software which enables a coupling between CADMOULD and FEM programs for structural mechanical analysis. The consideration of the complex material behavior of plastics is thus possible with only a small additional effort.

Injection molding leads to a specific microstructure in the component, which in turn influences the mechanical properties of the finished part. Properties such as fiber orientation and residual stresses generally vary throughout the component. In addition, there is certain topological information, such as the position of weld lines, which can be critical for the component quality. It is therefore crucial to consider these effects in order to correctly assess the mechanical performance of the component.

In order to capture these influences, approximative approaches are often used in engineering practice. Since these do not necessarily reflect the actual behavior correctly, premature failure may occur. On the other hand, a conservative design increases the overall cost and weight of the component. By using CONVERSE, these problems are avoided because the accuracy of the FEM simulation is significantly increased so that the user can exploit the full potential of the component. In addition, assessments can be made for tool deformations such as core displacement or mechanical loads on inserts during the mold filling process. It is also possible to evaluate the thermal load of temperature-sensitive inserts.

Feature list

  • Interfaces to CADMOULD and other injection moulding simulation programs
  • Interfaces to a variety of FEM structural simulation programs
  • Interfaces to strength assessment programs (fatigue solvers)
  • Multiscale material modelling for the consideration of anisotropic material properties
  • Transfer (mapping) of fiber orientation, weld line positions, residual stresses, pressures, temperatures, shrinkage and warpage, etc.
  • Material database with important plastic grades
  • 3D visualization of models and results

The range of functions can vary depending on the selected combination of injection molding simulation and FEM programs. Further information on CONVERSE can be found on the website of the software manufacturer PART Engineering.



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