Warp Expert

Calculates shrinkage and warpage for part, mold and process engineering

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould 3D F Warp Expert simulates the injection molding of plastic parts. The simulation allows users to achieve a design suitably tailored to the plastic and to fine-tune this design for molded parts of any geometry, together with the molds and processes employed for the injection molding. In doing this, the software precisely predicts the shrinkage and warpage of the part.

By using Warp Expert, you ensure your product development is heading in the right direction at an early stage and optimize the injection molding process in a holistic manner. You cut back on costly modification loops, resolve warpage problems, obtain a rapid comparison of design variants and verify the attainability of product dimensions and properties.


  • Calculates the precise shrinkage and warpage and accurately measures the part
  • Provides information on warpage compensation for reverse engineering
  • Shows the position and depth of sink marks
  • Calculates the shrinkage compensation (over the length and width)
  • Also optimizes multiple-cavity and family molds
  • Automatically balances runner systems
  • Varies process parameters on the basis of DOE
  • Determines the precise demolding time and shot weight
  • Simulates the filling, packing and residual cooling phase, including the filling pattern, pressures, temperatures, fiber orientation, clamping force, shrinkage and warpage
  • Depicts results in animations and 3D sections
  • Automatically generates individually configurable reports in HTML, MS-Word or PowerPoint formats
  • Imports molded part geometries in STL and IGES and other formats
  • Supports the CAD-independent alignment of molded part thicknesses


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