Software Download

Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0

Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0

Installer for Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0

New in Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0

The PDF-document “New in  Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0” describes the changes made in this version.

Installation guide

The installation guide contains important information concerning the Cadmould 3D-F installation.

Simulation examples

The example-archive contains simulation examples for different parts and modules.

Cadmould 3D-F Viewer Version 11.0

Installer for Cadmould 3D-F Viewer Version 11.0

Installation instructions

  • The installer is an executables program.
  • The installation requires administration rights.
  • To run the software, a succesfull install as well as a dongle and a license file (simcon.enc) are required.
  • The dongle driver is part of the installer.
  • The Cadmould 3D-F Viewer Version 11.0 is included into the Cadmould 3D-F Version 11.0 installer and only needs access to the dongle to start the program.
  • The additional download link for the Cadmould 3D-F Viewer Version 11.0 can be used for a seperate installation of the Cadmould 3D-F Viewer Version 11.0, which needs no dongle but an own, computer specific license file (simcon.enc) to start the program.

System requirements


  • Operating system: Windows® 10, Windows® 8 + 8.1, Windows® 7, Windows® Vista (64 bit)
    We recommend: Windows® 7 64 Bit
  • Internet-Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer®, Firefox or similar), Word® or PowerPoint® (version 2010, 2013 or 2016) for automatic reports
  • Excel® (ab Office ‘97) for polymer data perparation.


  • CPU: Intel® Core i7 Series, Intel® Core i5 Series, Intel® Xeon, AMD® Athlon, or AMD® Opteron based processors
    We recommend: fast 64 Bit multicore-CPUs, e.g. Intel I5, I7, Xeon or AMD Fx, Opteron
  • RAM: min. 4GB
    We recommend: 16 GB
  • Graphics: > 1 GB, e.g. Radeon HD 6850 and support of OpenGL
  • Harddisk: >= 500 GB (for project data)
    We recommend: 1 TB
  • Other: USB-Port for the dongle, 3 button mouse, optional SpaceNavigator™ of 3Dconnexion®


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Schumanstraße 18a
52146 Würselen


+49 (0)2405 64 571 – 71