One-day seminars & individual Trainings

Whether you’re a mold designer or a project manager – explore the advantages of injection molding simulation hands-on.

Find out, in just one day, all the relevant information on your simulation software and learn how to interpret the calculation results. You yourself choose which are the ideal focal topics for you and your project. After the seminar, you receive a four-week full version of the individual modules. This then enables you to engage in intensive training, applying the knowledge you have acquired.

Our training sessions are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our instructors will provide you with comprehensive know-how on a customized basis – allowing you to make even more efficient use of the simulation software and interpret the calculation results.

Injection moulding simulations - correctly used - give you room for ideas.

Our trainers will show beginners and professionals how to use Cadmould and Varimos to make projects even more successful, reduce development time and make the right decisions.

Dates & locations

ONE-DAY Seminar in Rosenheim

05.11.2019 in Zusammenarbeit mit IMM Solutions

ONE-DAY Seminar in Köln


ONE-DAY Seminar in Bochum


ONE-DAY Seminar in Nürnberg


Our one-day seminars take place regularly throughout the German-speaking world. Also in your area!

After the seminar you will receive a free 4-week full version of the trained modules to test what you have learned on your own projects. During the test phase you have full access to the Simcon support.

Due to the simple operation of Cadmould® 3D-F and the automatic model preparation, you can quickly play through many variants. The modular structure of the software developed in Germany and its ability to run on normal office PCs or notebooks make you very flexible. The possibility to create reports automatically makes your work easier.

Inhouse Schulung

Do you need an individual swing?

In our training courses on Cadmould and Varimos, users are specifically equipped with all the know-how required for efficient use of the software.

The content of the training is tailored to the requirements of the participants. Contents are e.g. the operation of the software, the procedure for the interpretation of simulation results and much more.

Webinar Simcon

In our webinars we give you helpful tips and tricks around Cadmould. Each webinar lasts about 60 minutes and is hosted live by us.

21.01.2020 What's new V12 (German)
23.01.2020 What's new V12 (English)
12.03.2020 Sprue balancing, design, feasibility analysis (German)
12.05.2020 Interpretation of results in the holding period (German)
10.09.2020 Optimization of component thickness (German)

At the moment it is not yet possible to register for the webinars.



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