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Simcon will perform all the steps of your simulation project and deliver perfect solutions for every challenge

We determine shrinkage and warpage and work out the allowances and compensation required to achieve a dimensionally accurate part. Our specialists also determine fiber orientation during the injection process, analyze part structures and optimize part dimensioning.

Filling pressure requirements, clamping force and injection time all influence the size of machine. We calculate the size of machine required and optimize cycle times.

We analyze (special) conformal and variothermal heating/cooling systems for you, detect and avoid hot spots and assess the use of different insert materials.

Simcon experts take your questions seriously! Whether defining the gate, determining the size of weld lines, achieving a balance between article filling and multi-cavity molds, or designing cascade nozzles – we’ll find a solution!

Together we'll find the best solution

From mold design right through to the part – we accompany you through all the different phases of your project and assist you with the development process, capacity bottlenecks or the optimization of a part. With our more than 25 years’ experience in injection molding simulation, we also support you with tests on real plastic parts.

Ihr Simulationsprojekt bei SIMCON


1. You send us your CAD Data

2. We check the project on the basis of your requirements and simulate the injection molding process

3. You receive a full report with specific recommendations for action

Your benefit

Our international Support Team of experienced engineers will take up your questions and provide practical solutions.

Reliable planning

We process all inquiries promptly and keep you constantly updated on the project status and scheduling in a transparent manner.

Time savings

We know our simulation tools inside out and cooperate with other analysis specialists for parts and molds. We can thus guarantee you short project timelines.

Cost certainty

Retain an overview of your expenditure! We provide you with transparent, modular quotations and tailor the scope of the order to your requirements. We avoid hidden follow-up costs through defined project steps.

User Support

The Simcon support team will be happy to support you.

For questions, problems and assistance, our experienced specialists are at your disposal.
Just give us a call.

In many cases, we can also help you via remote maintenance. For this service, we use the TeamViewer software, which help is offered directly online. You can get more information about this by phone if required.

Injection molding simulations for all types of plastic

  • automatic generation of simulation geometry and component networking
  • up to 50 % less costs for tool change and sampling
  • high-precision simulation results
Classic processes

With our interdisciplinary specialist knowledge, we support you in the simulation of all te classic injection molding processes: thermoplastics, elastomers, TPE, liquid silicone, thermosets and RIM.

Special processes

Simcon provides targeted assistance for combinations with inserts, injection compression molding and GIT We simulate in-mold lamination and in-mold decoration and optimize two-component and sandwich injection molding processes.

Material date measurement

Simcon compiles a full analysis and complete measurement of any plastic within a maximum of only 14 days. In this way, we guarantee a sound basis for high-precision simulation results, including for new starting materials and materials for which no specifications are available.

Cadmould also has a material database containing the specifications of more than 4000 plastics already. Users can also access a further 3500 datasets following individual release by the manufacturer.

Automatic system optimization

Varimos virtuell automatische systemoptimierung

We also automate the design of experiments for you and thus ensure better plastic parts, molds and processes. Simcon’s VARIMOS software independently and systematically simulates a large number of specified process and geometry variables for the injection molding process. The integrated AI compiles and captures all the simulation results and analyses them independently. Simcon is thus able to supply solutions in a very short time for achieving the best possible results.

A strong team

Our experienced specialists are there to answer your questions, solve your problems and provide assistance. Just give us a call!

Georg Schmidt

Application Engineer | Support

Harold Kutschera

Application Engineer | Senior Expert

Angela Kriescher

Head of Product Management

Wim Mennens

Application Engineer | Material Specialist

As well as the entire team of our application technology.


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