Thermal Mold Design

Bauteilfertigung 3D T-Box Cadmould Temperaturverteilung kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould

Core Functionalities

CADMOULD T-Box enables the thermal design of your mold. For this purpose, the
temperature control channels of the Cool module are combined with a complete
calculation of the heat transfer processes across the entire injection mold. T-Box
offers you two options:

  1. By using an automatically generated mold sketch, consisting of temperature
    control, gating system and part, T-Box can be used right from the beginning of
    mold development
  2. You can also use T-Box after completion of the mold design. In this case, T-Box
    simulates with the main mold components


  • Determine cooling behavior for optimal cavity wall temperatures
  • Determine cooling time
  • Predict temperatures and heat flows in the mold
  • Detect and eliminate hot spots due to use of different materials, mold
    separation or hot runner influence
  • Reduce warpage through optimized tool inserts
  • Reduce cycle time through mold inserts adapted to the part and the process
  • Optimize existing cooling systems
  • Design molds with confidence, with a better first-time right rate and fewer
    costly correction loops. Significant time and cost savings, and better

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