Thermal analysis and layout of injection molds at the mold design stage

Bauteilfertigung 3D T-Box Cadmould Temperaturverteilung kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould T-Box performs a detailed simulation of the temperature distribution and the heat flows in injection molds. The software can be deployed right at the start of mold development. This is because it can be read into the simulation as a sketch at the design phase already, prior to completion of the CAD design. T-Box then automatically generates a mold sketch from the heating/cooling system, the plastic part and the cooling channel system. Once the design process has been completed, T-Box performs a simulation with all the mold components.

The software combines the flexible layout of the heating/cooling channels with a comprehensive calculation of the heat transfer processes in the mold and automatically compiles cooling circuits in pre-defined mold inserts. This constitutes the optimum input for mold design. It speeds up the development of injection molds equipped with a heating/cooling system suitable for the application in question, shortens cycle times and permits a more reliable prediction of the necessary startup times in production.


  • Automatically generates a mold sketch from the heating/cooling system, the part and the cooling channel system
  • Performs a detailed calculation of the temperature distribution and heat flows in simulated components
  • Makes allowance for the different materials of cavity inserts and heat conduction inserts and also for different mold steels
  • Detects and eliminates hot spots and thermal weak points caused by the design
  • Calculates the flow processes in the cooling channel, including the temperature increase in the cooling agent, the pressure losses and any turbulence
  • Imports native CAD data for molded part geometries and mold components via Hoops Exchange
  • Is compatible with Catia, Parasolid, Creo, AutoCad, Solidworks and a large number of other CAD programs
  • Simulates the injection molding process over a number of cycles up to a thermally stable state as well as the influence of hot runners on mold components and the plastic part
  • Depicts results in animations, 3D sections and as iso-surfaces
  • Automatically generates individually configurable reports in HTML, MS-Word and PowerPoint formats.


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