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Simulation, Optimization Services

for plastic injection molding part, mold and process design


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Together, we'll find the best solution!

With our more than 30 years’ worth of project experience in injection molding, we can support you from part and mold design all the way through to sampling and serial production.

Fight shrinkage and warpage

We determine shrinkage and warpage and work out the allowances and compensation required to achieve a dimensionally accurate part. Our specialists also determine fiber orientation during the injection process, analyze part structures and optimize part dimensioning.

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Fight shrinkage and warpage

Select the right machine size

Filling pressure requirements, clamping force and injection time all impact what size of machine you need. Our analysis will help you determine the right machine size for your injection molding project, and we'll optimize cycle times.

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Injection molding machine

Thermally design your mold

We'll analyze (special) conformal and variothermal heating/cooling systems for you, detect and avoid hot spots, and assess the use of different insert materials.

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Design thermal system

You ask, we solve!

Whatever your challenge, we'll help you master it. Whether defining gate locations, optimizing weld lines, balancing the filling of multi-cavity molds, or finding the right cascade / sequential nozzle control – we’ll find a solution!

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Three simple steps

Wondering how it works? We follow a simple three-step process!

Services chain

  1. Initial briefing: You brief us on your current design (e.g. your current  thoughts and if available, CAD designs, of your part and mold, as well as your planned injection parameter settings). We'll also discuss what you want to achieve (your objectives and constraints).
  2. We simulate and optimize for you: In this step, we run sophisticated simulations, evaluate the results, address your questions and propose solutions, based on your objectives.
  3. Jointly review results: We'll summarize our findings and perspective into a report and discuss options and the "so whats" with you. If desired, we can iterate to explore further options more deeply.

Let's get started!

You want results? We'll get you results!

Our track record shows that our customers typically achieve a 25-50% reduction in mold corrections, as a result of using our services. We can often reduce cycle times by 5-15%. Of course, your specific results will depend on your particular challenge, but we are confident that our services will be well worth your investment.

We cover both classical and special processes

With our interdisciplinary specialist knowledge, we can support you in the simulation of all classic injection molding processes: thermoplastics, elastomers, TPE, liquid silicone, thermosets and RIM, as well as targeted assistance for cascadic / sequential injection, material combinations with inserts, injection compression molding and GIT (Gas Injection Technology). We simulate in-mold lamination and in-mold decoration and optimize multi-component and sandwich injection molding processes.

Too much work?

No problem, our team will support you if you are crunched for capacity. We'll simulate and optimize for you, so you can meet that critical deadline!


No time for a training?

No problem. We're here to help. We can run simulations and optimizations for you, so that your team can focus on the most essential things: decision-making and working with your customers!




Curious about simulation? 

Start by having us simulate a project for you, as a service! That way you will see how valuable plastic injection molding simulation results are, before you invest money into software, or time into training.



Claudia Kievernagel

Hi, I'm Claudia Kievernagel. I coordinate our SIMCON's services team, and I'll be happy to get you in touch with the right expert for your specific needs!


Together, we'll find the best solutions!

Our team of plastic injection molding application engineers has years of experience, helping the most demanding customers solve the toughest plastic injection molding challenges.

From automotive, to aerospace, to consumer electronics, medical devices and beyond, we have worked with the most advanced, quality-, cost- and sustainability-obsessed customers on the planet.

Our goal is: better results!

If you'd like to explore how SIMCON services can help with your project, talk to us and we'll discuss what's right for you!

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Meet our dream team

SIMCON dream team

Our simulation and optimization experts have years of practical simulation experience, solving the most demanding injection molding challenges.

>400 person years of experience

With a combined experience of more than 400 person years, the SIMCON team has the most demanding customers with their toughest challenges. Whatever your project is, we've probably worked on something similar in the past. Benefit from our experience and work with the best!

>12.000 projects run

We've pretty much seen it all. From the most challenging automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics, to medical devices, consumer electronics, gardening, furniture... you name it.

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Material data measurement

If you are working with custom or novel materials that are not yet in CADMOULD's built-in database, we are happy to measure them for you.

Simcon will perform a full analysis and complete the measurement of any plastic within a maximum of 14 days. In this way, we can ensure a sound basis for high-precision simulation results, including for newly launched materials and materials for which no specifications are publicly available.

CADMOULD also has a material database containing the specifications of more than 4000 plastics already. Users can also access a further 3500 datasets, pending case by case approval by the manufacturer.

materials data measurement