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VARIMOS Real enables machine setters to get the most out of their molds. Troubleshoot molds with issues. Find the optimal machine settings for new molds. Get conclusive evidence whether a mold corrections is inevitable. And do it all in a single shift.

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  • Troubleshoot problematic molds
  • Quickly find optimal machine settings
  • Assess whether a mold correction is needed
  • Get to a robust serial process quickly
  • Shorten your cycle times
  • Shorten unnecessary discussions: show what would happen if you make changes
  • Avoid unnecessary mold corrections

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Who has the time to test all possible combinations of machine settings? Injection pressure profiles, temperature control, clamping forces, etc., influence the result, and countless possible combinations exist.

VARIMOS Real creates a reliable design of experiments (DOE) for you and predicts how the part quality will respond to different machine settings.

Based on the available data, it even predicts the quality for settings that you did not try. 

Your advantage: You run a fixed number of trials, but you still learn about all possible combinations of settings.

Your results are safe and reliable after a single shift.

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Reliably find the best possible settings and assess feasibility, with the smallest possible number of trials.


Determine within one shift whether you can solve your problem with machine settings. Or whether a mold correction is inevitable.

Predictable machine time

Don't block your machines for longer than necessart. You'll know the total number of trials needed even before you begin sampling. So you can plan your time better.

Reliably robust serial production

Determine the largest possible process window within which all specifications are reliably met.

What-if at a glance

Instant preview of what would happen if you changed machine settings.

Fewer unnecessary discussions

Show your colleagues, customers, and management why your settings are better than any alternative. Conclusively, and simply.

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VARIMOS Real will answer the following questions:

  • Tryout plan: What combinations of machine settings should you run during tryouts? How many shots will you need?
  • Machine settings: What machine settings produce the best quality? Can you reduce cycle time without compromising quality?
  • Mold corrections: Can you satisfy your tolerances at all? Is a mold correction necessary?
  • Robustness: How robust is your process? How large is your process window?
  • Influences on quality: Which machine settings have the biggest influence on part quality?
  • What-if: How would the results change with different machine settings?

try VARIMOS real for free

Try for yourself

Based on the results of your tryouts, VARIMOS Real predicts what will happen at any combination of machine settings.  You can change the machine settings virtually, and immediately see what happens.


Slide and go

Just move the sliders for the machine settings on the left, and you get an instant prediction what will happen to your part quality, on the right.


VARIMOS Real free trial

How will different settings influence the part quality? 

See at a glance which machine settings have the biggest impact on results and which have less.
Understand conflicting goals: Will I get warpage under control if I extend the cooling phase, or will it cause me to run out of cycle time?
VARIMOS Real will show you, so you can discuss them with your colleagues and customers and find the best bottom-line solution.
VARIMOS Real will help you find the optimal machine settings. 
And thanks to the what-if analysis, you can change the settings interactively at any time. In fact, VARIMOS Real will show you in real-time how quality and cycle time will change if you do something differently.
This is useful, especially when you need to convince customers or colleagues.
How much can you change machine parameters before part tolerances are exceeded? You can use the process window analysis in VARIMOS Real to find out.
It will show you the acceptable setting range and tell you exactly how far a setting can be changed without violating quality tolerances.
The larger this allowable setting range, the more robust your injection molding process.
With the process window analysis tool, you will get meaningful results in real-time.
try VARIMOS real for free

How does Varimos Real work?

It's simple! 

How does VARIMOS Real work?


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  • VARIMOS Real asks you which machine settings you can vary and how you would like to measure part quality. (Almost all types of settings and quality characteristics are accepted: see FAQ).
  • VARIMOS Real creates a list of settings that it wants you to try on the machine. It reflects an efficient design of experiments (DOE) algorithm. You will know in advance precisely how many trials you need, to get conclusive results. This makes it easy to plan your machine time.
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  • You run the recommended settings on the machine and produce test parts.
  • You measure the test part quality (e.g. using an optical scanner, a 3D scanner, or any other way you prefer).
  • You feed the resulting quality measures back into VARIMOS Real
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  • The AI built into VARIMOS Real learns how your machine settings impact quality.
  • Based on its understanding of cause and effect, the AI finds optimal settings.
  • VARIMOS Real shows you in an interactive way, how changes in settings impact results. You can change them and see what would happen.
  • The optimized settings give you the best results achievable with the mold. If the quality is sufficient at those settings, no mold correction is needed.




Frequently asked questions about VARIMOS Real



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