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CADMOULD - the world's best plastic injection molding simulation software



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Filling of a multi-cavity mold.

The simulation shows that the filling of the left and right parts of each of the cavities is not perfectly balanced in this example. You can use simulation to test alternative designs, in which, for example, you modify the diameters of the two outer runners.

CADMOULD is our professional plastic injection molding simulation software.

With CADMOULD, you can predict and shape what will happen inside the mold - from filling, through packing, to cooling and shrinkage and warpage.

  • Test different materials and modified part designs virtually, without wasting material, machine utilization and engineering hours - before you build your mold!
  • Anticipate and fix issues before they happen, such as filling issues like air entrapments and weld lines, or shrinkage and warpage issues.
  • Improve cycle times, energy use, reduce material waste and improve your sustainability footprint
  • Collaborate better with your colleagues from other departments. By visualizing results, part and mold engineers can collaborate better with machine setters and measurement technicians

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Sebastian Sutter cadmould expert

(S)improve your injection molding designs!

You don’t think that it’s possible to fall in love with a simulation software?

It is.

Why simulate?

Reduce mold corrections

Do you have multiple expensive mold corrections for every new part? Do you sometimes discover issues during sampling that you wish you had known about before? Does that cause frustrating delays and costs?

Faster Product Design

Simulating helps you solve these issues, by virtualizing your part, mold and process design. You tell the simulation your part, mold and process design, and it tells you what your injection molding results will be. That way, you can find and fix issues before you build the mold. For example, you can use it to avoid filling issues, fix shrinkage and warpage, or minimize cycle times. It’s much faster and cheaper to change a digital design, than it is to fix a mold made of steel!

Shorter Time-to-Market

With simulation used right, the result is a better first-time-right rate. You’ll have fewer expensive mold corrections, faster sampling with less scrap and waste, faster time to market and more efficient production with better cycle times.

Superior multi-sim performance

CADMOULD's sophisticated simulation algorithms are optimized to run multiple simulations in parallel.

If you have a powerful multi-core CPU computer, you can run several simulations concurrently, on the same computer.

Learn more, faster! Simulate multiple variants in hours instead of days!


We work with the very best. Check out some of our references! More than 6000 companies work with CADMOULD. Among them are many distinctive leaders and innovators from the automotive, medical technology, electronics and consumer goods industries, and more!

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We chose CADMOULD by SIMCON, because its simulations are unbeatable in terms of computing speed, compared to the competition.
Marco Schülken
Managing Direktor
We simulate with SIMCON's software. The investment in CADMOULD and VARIMOS quickly paid off for Continental and we are continuing to roll out VARIMOS Real!
Dr. Otto Kretzschmar
Senior Expert Plastic ret.
The calculation of packing pressure and warpage hast become a standard task for us when redesigning complex serial tools.
Frank Leismann
Master Toolmaker

Simulate fiber orientations 

CADMOULD Fiber simulates fiber orientation in your plastic injection molded parts.

Countless benchmarks have demonstrated the superior accuracy of our algorithm. Accurately simulating fiber orientations is crucial both for accurate mechanical properties of the part, as well as for shrinkage and warpage.

CADMOULD can seamlessly export fiber orientation results to leading structural software like Ansys and Digimat, as well as Crash testing software (Pam-crash). Or, you can use CADMOULD's Structural FEM simulation module to anticipate its mechanical behavior.

Export to structural solvers

You can export your simulation results to several leading structural solvers and crash testing software.

CADMOULD is directly compatible with Ansys, Digimat and Pam-Crash.

Alternatively, you can also export results to Converse by PART Engineering, and from there, to a large variety of structural solvers.

CADMOULD compatibility with structural solvers




German-style accuracy obsession

Our HQ is based in Germany, and so you can probably imagine just how obsessively our customers care about both quality and cost. You don't survive in this market for more than 30 years unless you get things right. Benchmarks and our project work with the most demanding of customers have demonstrated time and again how incredibly accurate our sophisticated simulation algorithms are.

Of course, all simulations are based on physical models, and the truth is, no model is perfect. So, we are continuously refining,  calibrating and sharpening our models based on real-world results, as new materials become available and as technology evolves.  We have been refining, maturing and perfecting our simulation algorithms in this way for more than 30 years -- it's hard to compete with that kind of experience!

As a result, CADMOULD simulations are the next-best thing to real-world trials -- at a fraction of the cost and time!

Superior multi-sim performance

CADMOULD is fast. Really fast. And more efficiency means you can run more simulations. By simulating more design variants, you learn more, faster. You will converge on better solutions in less time, and more systematically, with less guess-work.

The secret behind our industry-leading speed is our proprietary 3D-F simulation algorithm. It was specifically developed to have a superior speed-vs-accuracy tradeoff, and to run multiple variant simulations in parallel.

Through powerful parallelization, you get ultra-accurate results in a fraction of the time. And you can run multiple simulations in the time it would take you to run just one, with alternative algorithms.

Easy to learn, easy to use

It's easy to learn CADMOULD, because of its intuitive interface. Check out this video to see just how easy it is to set up a full simulation in <60 seconds:

Our experienced experts will train you, to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. And with our online academy e-learning platform, you can deepen your knowledge at your own pace, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Of course, we offer professional support if you run into challenges.

Finally, if you are crunched for capacity, our experienced application engineers can also help you by providing simulation as a service.


CADMOULD works together smoothly with your other digital tools.

CAD: CADMOULD works with all major CAD systems. You can easily import not your part, as well as other CAD-designed parts of your mold, such as your runner system or your cooling channels. Avoid the tedious double-work of reconstructing what you have already designed in CAD!

Metrology software: We're compatible with Volume Graphics's measurement software VGMetrology. So you can measure your simulated warped parts the same way you measure the quality of your final physical parts.

Machines: And we're compatible with many leading injection molding machines. For example, you can hand your simulation parameters over directly to Arburg machines that run the GESTICA machine controls. In early 2022, we will also be launching compatibility with ENGEL's sim link technology, allowing you to send your CADMOULD injection parameters to ENGEL machines.

Structural simulations: We are compatible with Ansys, Digimat and the open CAx standard VMAP

Crash testing: You can export CADMOULD fiber orientations simply and easily. CADMOULD can also import Pamcrash meshes, and are beta-testing the import of CADMOULD fiber orientation results into Pamcrash.


To find the right simulation software, there a 7 factors you should definitely be aware of. To get the most out of your simulation results.

Find out, what you need to know

7 Must-Haves for your simulation software


Software modules and packages for every requirement

CADMOULD is modular, so you can buy or rent only the specific parts that you need for the work that you do. Modules are available individually, or in affordable packages. Here is an overview


BIld Module und Packages EN




You want details?

Check out our 40-page product brochure for a much more detailed description of our modules and functionality





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