Modular simulation for optimizing injection molding processes

Easy comparison of variants for the part, mold and process

The high-precision simulation results for CADMOULD facilitate decision-making in the development of complex plastic parts. This ensures that all the decisive criteria can be configured in an optimal manner.

Simcon has developed the 3D-F method for injection molding simulation. It runs rapidly and precisely, is easy to operate and delivers maximum resolution in areas with sudden changes in wall thickness and other steep gradients.

The precise alignment of the simulation software, achieved through the modular design and locally selective high resolution of the 3D-F process, permits considerably better utilization of computing capacities and shorter computing times than with volume-based simulation processes.

Simulation with CADMOULD creates optimal prerequisites for the cost-efficient injection molding of plastics parts with complex geometries.

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Benefits for your workflow

Time savings

The need for fewer adjustment loops effectively shortens and simplifies the development phase for parts and molds. For production, CADMOULD achieves a reduction of up to 30% in cycle times.

Cost reduction

CADMOULD enables you to find the best product design at an early stage of development already. This then cuts the cost of modifications to the mold and sampling by up to 50%.

Facilitate your work

The CAD-independent variation of relevant parameters in CADMOULD ensures you reach the best decisions for configuring injection molding processes both rapidly and reliably.

More than 6000 companies use CADMOULD in their daily workflow.

„The calculation of holding pressure and distortion of the component is now standard for us when redesigning complex series tools. (translated)“
Frank Leismann
master toolmakerDieter Wiegelmann GmbH
„We quickly chose Cadmould from Simcon, because in terms of computing speed this software is unbeatable compared to the competition. (translated)“
Marco Schülken
managing directorSchülken GmbH
„Easy handling, fast preparation and intuitive operation. In addition, the mostly quickly available results. The simulation brings us forward and is also fun. (translated)“
Philipp Beckel
project management GOLLMER Formen GmbH
„... Cadmould is characterized by short calculation times and very accurate and realistic calculation results. (translated)“
Prof. Dr. Ehrig
institute directorIWK

Easy, rapid, precise

  • automatic generation of the simulation geometry and the part mesh
  • up to 50% savings on the cost of mold changes and sampling
  • highly precise simulation results


Part meshing
Cadmould Spritzgussimulation Vernetztes Bauteil_Vernetzung

CADMOULD meshes parts automatically directly in the simulation and thus facilitates your work. In selecting the element sizes, the software always finds the correct balance between resolution and computing speed.

integral automatic meshing in native CAD, STEP or IGES formats
high tolerance for meshing errors and deformed elements
Measuring equipment
Simulation mit Cadmould mit integrierten Messmitteln zeigt ein verzogenes Bauteil

CADMOULD includes integrated measuring functions for all the relevant part properties, including dimensions and flatness. These can thus be determined directly in the simulation.

Precise reproaching
Vorhaltung mit Cadmould Modul Unwarp

During the simulation, CADMOULD automatically calculates the necessary mold compensation or curvature to ensure minimal warpage and give the best dimensional accuracy in your plastic parts.

achieves an optimal molded part with less finishing work to the mold
modifies the original CAD geometry for further processing with CATIA® RSO® or other design programs

Simcon is involved in national and international research projects. In this way, new areas of application for CADMOULD are constantly being developed and technical solutions for the development and implementation of complex plastic components are created.

Modular software structure

With the individual modules for the simulation of filling, shrinkage and warpage, and special processes (such as elastomer injection molding), you can tailor CADMOULD to your individual requirements. You will find the appropriate modules in the overview. We will be pleased to assist you in making your selection and in implementing the modules.

Cadmould 3d pdf Results

CADMOULD automatically generates a report with relevant results. This can also be output as a 3D-PDF. Especially for interdepartmental projects mobile 3D PDF reports can significantly promote and facilitate communication.

Here you can find our recommended system requirements.

Rent with Flex-it!
Use the Simcon basic software and simulate shrinkage and warpage in injection molding without any initial investment.

With Flex-it! you also have one day’s full access a month to all the Cadmould modules.

The fixed lump-sum rate permits reliable cost planning. If you don’t need the software any more, you can easily give notice to cancel the contract at the end of the month.

Are you planning to deploy Cadmould 3D-F over the longer term?

Simcon offers flexible licenses to suit all requirements!

LOCAL is the license for individual computers – and, as a multistart license, for several calculations conducted in parallel. With FLOATING, you can install Cadmould on as many computers in the network as you wish. For installation on a server in combination with any number of client computers, we offer SERVER-CLIENT.

Teaching with Cadmould

With the Education license, schools, colleges and universities receive a full version of Cadmould free of charge.

Education licenses are restricted to one year at a time and will be extended upon request.

No time to simulate yourself?

Cleverly outsource simulation projects to our experienced team of engineers

Simcon takes over all tasks of your simulation project and delivers perfect solutions for every challenge.


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