Optimized nozzle control for cascade injection molding

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould Cascadic enables individual nozzles to be opened and closed at predefined times during the simulation of cascade injection molding processes. In this way, the nozzle control can be configured in the optimum manner for filling and packing at the simulation stage already and then used as a basis for the machine setup. The nozzles can be controlled as a function of time or pressure or when the melt arrives at a control point.

With Cascadic, you can detect potential injection molding errors, assess the position of a weld line directly in the simulation and avoid weld lines on large plastic parts. The software also allows you to shorten flow paths and reduce the clamping force. The resulting injection pressure is also obtained directly from the simulation.


  • Simulates the opening and closing of individual nozzles in cascade injection molding
  • Uses different criteria for switching:
    – when the melt arrives at a control point
    – when a specific pressure is attained
    – when a certain point in the cycle is reached
  • Shows the filling diagram that results with the set switching mode
  • Calculates the clamping force as a result of the set switching mode
  • Calculates the packing pressure, shrinkage and warpage with the nozzle control entered


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