Simulation of cascadic injection molding

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


CADMOULD Cascadic Injection enables you to simulate cascade injection molding, and computes the same key results as the core CADMOULD modules, but with the capability of simulating sequential filling across multiple gates:

  • Filling (including weld lines and air enclosures)
  • Pressure distribution
  • Temperatures
  • Flow speeds
  • Clamping forces CADMOULD Cascadic injection builds on CADMOULD Fill (filling simulation) and Pack (needed for packing pressure and cooling phase simulation).


  • Optimal design of component filling by cascade injection molding
  • Determine optimal cascade timing and gate switching criteria
  • Determine the maximum injection pressure and identify ways to reduce this pressure by modifying the gate control schedule
  • Compute packing and cooling phase results, as influenced by the gate control. Anticipate shrinkage and warpage (requires modules Cool and Pack)
  • Anticipate and fix filling problems such as air inclusions, weld lines, etc.
  • Rapidly and easily compare alternative gate control schedules. Discuss advantages and disadvantages with your customers
  • Optimize process parameters for existing parts and molds, to reduce the maximum injection pressure, to optimize weld line positions, and to minimize warpage

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