Design of foamed plastic parts and foam injection molding processes

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CADMOULD Foam enables the simulation of foam injection molding. You can simulate all common chemical and physical foam injection molding processes, such as MuCell®, Cellmould® and Optifoam®. CADMOULD Foam computes the following results, for foam materials:

  • Filling
  • Density distribution in the part
  • Bubble distribution and size
  • Clamping forces
  • Component weight
  • Cooling times
  • Weld lines and air inclusions
  • Pressure distribution
  • Temperatures
  • Flow speeds
  • Shrinkage and warpage


Foam builds on the following functionality from other modules: filling (Fill module), holding pressure and cooling phase (Pack module), and shrinkage and warpage (Warp module).


  • Detect filling problems early on (air inclusions, weld lines, etc.), taking into account the influence of the foam on the viscosity
  • Optimize propellant and gas / mass ratio
  • Optimize part weight and density distribution
  • Anticipate and fix shrinkage and warpage issues for foam projects
  • Determine cycle times and clamping forces for foam projects

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