Design of foamed plastic parts and foam injection molding processes

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Cadmould Foam simulates all the relevant processes employed for thermoplastic foam injection molding. The software performs a highly precise calculation of bubble growth in the melt and the expansion of physical and chemical blowing agents.

The Foam software allows you to accurately predict the properties of parts in foamed plastic. Since Foam simulates the process in its entirety, you optimize the part, the mold and also the process for foam injection molding. The use of foam shortens cycle times, lowers part weight and reduces shrinkage, warpage and the requisite clamping forces.


  • Simulates all the commercially available foam injection molding processes such as MuCell® and Optifoam® etc.
  • Precisely predicts shrinkage and warpage
  • Simulates both high and low degrees of foaming
  • Calculates the local change in density and volume
  • Allows for the influence of the foam on the viscosity during filling
  • Depicts results in animations and 3D sections
  • Automatically generates individually configurable reports in HTML, MS-Word and PowerPoint formats.
  • Includes additional material data for the simulation of foam injection molding


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