Injection Compression

Process design for injection compression molding

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Cadmould Injection Compression simulates the injection compression molding process for plastic parts. The software makes allowance for the injection profile and the compression inside the mold. At the same time, the software can be run with a packing phase and can also validate the compression force and compression displacement.

Using the Injection Compression program, you can precisely calculate the optimum shot volume, tailor the cavity to the molded part and limit the maximum stroke. The simulation allows you to achieve an efficient and cost-effective compression process resulting in the best possible molded part.


  • Simulates the injection profiles
  • Enables the user to enter the compression area and displacement
  • Makes allowance for the change in the cavity due to compression
  • Calculates the compression force and displacement, allowing limits to be imposed
  • Supports the input of time-based compression profiles
  • Supports the input of compression surfaces directly in the target geometry.


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