Simulate the Packing Phase

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


CADMOULD Pack enables simulation of the packing and cooling phase of your component, building on the filling phase results from CADMOULD Fill.

It computes the following results:

• Pressure distribution
• Temperatures
• Clamping forces
• Surface layer thickness
• Melt core in cross-section
• Volume shrinkage
• Thickness shrinkage / sink marks
• Cooling time and shot volume, incorporating the influence of the packing phase


• Optimally specify packing pressure, clamping force, and cooling phase parameters
• Reliably determine freezing, sealing and demolding times
• Achieve uniform volume shrinkage distribution over the molded part
• Avoid sink marks
• Reduce part warpage through optimized shrinkage compensation (calculation of shrinkage and distortion results also requires the Warp module)
• Analyze temperatures and pressures to ensure reliable demolding
• Determine key data for part and tool costing by determining an optimized packing pressure and cooling phase with the software
Optimize existing processes to achieve shorter cycle times, or in order to enable switching to a different injection molding machine


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