Design of the packing phase

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould Pack performs a rapid and precise calculation of all the relevant data for the packing phase of the injection molding process on the basis of temperature-dependent and compressible material models. The software makes allowance for the defined packing pressure profile and the packing duration as well as for the clamping force required to achieve this.

Using Pack, you can detect and eliminate error sources and demolding problems caused by overpacking early on in the development phase. The software allows sink marks to be effectively minimized and the process control to be sustainably optimized in terms of shrinkage and warpage. Pack permits a reduction in cycle time for all plastic parts.


  • Calculates results for the packing phase, including pressure distribution, clamping and locking force, volume shrinkage, frozen outer layers and free cross-sections
  • Displays temperatures and velocities on the 3D section of the part
  • Calculates sink marks and thickness shrinkage resulting from the packing pressure or packing pressure profile
  • Determines the sealing time, demolding time and shot weight
  • Calculates the development of the fluid center
  • Depicts results in animations and 3D sections


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