Calculation of shrinkage and warpage compensation of the mold to achieve dimensionally accurate plastic parts

volhaltung unwarp cadmould


CADMOULD Unwarp helps you to devise mold corrections for warpage compensation, in order to eliminate shrinkage and warpage. To achieve this, Unwarp uses the shrinkage and warpage results from the Warp module as inputs. The results that are computed include:

  • Mold corrections for shrinkage compensation
  • Mold corrections for warpage compensation
  • Deformation corrections
  • Deformed part geometries


  • Precise computation of mold compensation
  • Maximum dimensional accuracy through optimal tooling
  • 3D-print physical representations of deformed component geometries, to assess dimensional compliance and compatibility with connecting parts
  • Better shrinkage and warpage results from the start, because they have been compensated for adequately. As a result, better first-time right ratio and reduction of costly tool corrections
  • The ultimate result: significant time and cost savings, and an enhanced ability to discuss options and their advantages and disadvantages with your customers and colleagues


You can view the results in CADMOULD, and export the computed warpage compensations, as well as deformed part geometries, for further use elsewhere. The following output formats4 are supported by our integrated export tool:

  • STL (.stl)
  • STEP (.stp / .step)
  • IGES (.igs / .iges)
  • Parasolid (.x_t / .xmt / .x_b / .xmt_txt)
  • PRC (.prc)
  • JT (.jt)
  • UNIVERSAL3D (.u3d)
  • VRML (.vrml)
  • OBJEKT (.obj)
  • COLLADA (.dae)
  • Unwarp also enables you to create text files with displacement vectors, for example for working with CATIA® RSO®.
  • In addition, it is also possible to view the geometries in HTML and 3D-PDF formats.

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