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Computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, MATSEs, IT specialists

Machine manufacturer with experience in plastic injection moulding

Business people, engineers with sales affinity, assistants

Social media experts, technical editors, marketing managers and many more

About SIMCON, about us

We're a family company with the character of a startup.

SIMCON has been in business for more than 30 years – but we’ve still stayed young.

This is due, firstly, to Paul. He founded SIMCON and, as a true visionary, never stands still. And, secondly, to Ines (Paul’s daughter). She started at SIMCON in 2014 and, as a psychologist, is not only a lateral entrant but also a lateral thinker.

It’s important for both you and us that we talk openly, create new things and make things better. And this applies to us as people too – we work on the basis of our strengths and are constantly further developing ourselves.

Behind the Scenes

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Managing director

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Presales engineer

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Head of marketing

Product Management
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Head of product management

Application Engineering
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Application engineer

Software Development
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Software developer

What we offer

Everything the heart desires

  • a familiar and friendly working atmosphere
  • flat hierarchies and approachable superiors
  • motivierte, engagierte und hilfsbereite Kollegen
  • space for innovative and creative ideas
  • Recognition for commitment and passion
  • an attractive flexitime model with flexible working hours
  • a future-oriented, secure workplace with a Buddy Program to get you started
  • and of course a good payment

One Day at SIMCON

Junior Projekt Manager R&D

My typical day at work

After arriving at the office in the morning and greeting my colleagues, I generally sit down at my PC, check any calculations that have been running overnight and make a start on my day. I naturally spend a great deal of time at my PC, conducting simulations and performing preparations and evaluations, as well as answering e-mails. Since I’m also on the phone to customers and travelling to project meetings, trade fairs and lectures, as well as working on different jobs for the various projects, it never gets boring and I get to experience a change from my everyday office routine.

What are your main tasks?

I work in Application Technology, where we use our software to provide services, with customers getting us to perform their calculations for them, for example. My chief area of work, however, is the many research projects that Simcon is involved in. Studies are conducted with universities and/or partner companies in different fields to see how Cadmould can be further expanded and improved. Industry 4.0 is a major topic here with the automation of the links that can be achieved between the simulation and the real process. In addition, an increasing number of special injection molding processes are being simulated and incorporated in the software.

What does a typical break look like for you?

On Mondays, I go to the nearby canteen with colleagues. Once a week, the cooking group set up by colleagues takes turns cooking for everyone. On the other three days, I make my own food in our kitchen. There’s generally a friendly crowd gathered around the cooker and microwave since most colleagues take their lunch break at the same time so that they have someone to talk to over lunch.

What do you like best about your job?

I find the cooperative atmosphere amongst colleagues at Simcon amazing. I’m also delighted that I was entrusted with a great deal fairly early on, so I feel that my work is very much appreciated. If I have questions or need support, everyone is close to hand and I always find an open ear.

What’s it like working in your team?

In the research projects, I repeatedly have to deal with special functions that are not often encountered in day-to-day business. I then have to consult the experts with their many years’ experience. Since everything happens on the same floor at Simcon, most of these contacts are just a couple of open doors away and are pleased to be able to help me.

Assistant to the managing director

And daily the groundhog greets

What’s the first thing I do when I arrive at the office?

Once I’ve started up my PC and logged on, I fetch a big coffee from our kitchen. On my way to the kitchen and back I call in on my colleagues, who are all on the same floor, and say good morning to them. From time to time I have a brief chat with one or the other colleague, or jobs come up already which have to be dealt with straightaway.

What are my main tasks?

As assistant to the management, I’m the contact for my colleagues for everything that arises in the course of the working day. Making appointments with our two managers, Ines and Paul, booking flights and allocating the vehicles from our car pool, etc. Apart from that, I’m responsible for all the other jobs that no one else is responsible for😉. Then, I’m also the contact for our two bosses, Ines and Paul, for virtually all kinds of matters – setting up appointments, conducting research, writing minutes and planning events, etc.

My position as trainer also means that one of my additional main tasks is to take charge of our apprentice in his training to become an office management clerk.

What does a typical break look like for me?

In summer, I’ll be sitting outside on our terrace under a sunshade with colleagues having an ice-cream. Otherwise I’ll be in the kitchen with colleagues. Since we have a large communal kitchen, there will always be at least one colleague there at lunch time or when I’m fetching a coffee.

What do I like best about my job?

I like having a great deal of freedom and being able to organize my work as I see fit. The fact that I can work with all the different departments in my post and am thus always in contact with all our colleagues constitutes the icing on the cake for me.

What’s it like working in my team?

My team is essentially the rest of the company – and even though my colleagues are all different, I gain a great deal from working with each and every one of them and greatly enjoy it.


Product management

A day as beautiful as today

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

First of all, I briefly discuss the day with Claudia, our department coordinator, over a cup of fresh coffee. I then prepare the simulations that are to be run – either as a service or for Support or research projects.

What are your main tasks?

While the computer is running the first simulations, I work on preparing and updating our Manual, which will be taking on a completely new look as of Cadmould Version 12.

What does a typical break look like for you?

For a short break every now and then, I like to go and get a coffee in the kitchen with my colleagues. We often discuss private matters during these short breaks while the coffee machine is running. We then know a little bit about how the others in the office are feeling that day.

As a part-time engineer, my working day comes to an end after six hours. I spend the lunch break at home with my children and am there for them the whole afternoon.

What do you like best about your job?

I like the flexibility in terms of both working hours and working location. Working from home is something that is actually practiced at Simcon and not just an idealized concept. This is not to be underestimated, especially when you have small children. Added to this comes the delightful team who look out for each other and who gave me a very warm welcome when I arrived at the start of 2019.


Marketing assistant

A day like any other

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at the office?

When I arrive at the office, I first check my e-mails and take a look in Asana at the jobs planned for the day. In Marketing, we plan our projects in Asana and can allocate jobs and track the progress made on them. The whole team likes to fetch a tea or coffee from the kitchen and have a brief chat about the weekend.

What are your main tasks?

In Marketing, our work is project-based and we thus have a great deal of variety in what we do and no typical main tasks. At the moment I’m drawing up the e-mails that we will be sending out for campaigns, events and webinars. I also support Barbara, our team leader, in a number of areas, including the website, coordinating appointments and organizing lectures.

What does a typical break look like for you?

I like to spend my breaks in the communal kitchen with the others in the company. I generally bring something from home to eat. When it’s cooking group day, however, I’m lucky enough to have someone cooking for me.

What do you like best about your job?

I really like the fact that I can work independently and divide up my time as I wish. And I particularly like not just being in the office all the time but also being able to take part in meetings outside the company. I also have the opportunity to spend one day a week working from home.

What’s it like working in your team?

We naturally have the best team of all in Marketing 😉. My colleague Julius in Presales once said: “You always have a really good atmosphere in your team!”. And that is something that I can wholeheartedly confirm. I very much enjoy working in the team – it’s varied and good fun.


Be part of our elite team*

*Our elite team – that’s my colleagues & me. And, to cut it short: my colleagues are insane! Every single one of them. Without exception.


Insanely gifted. Insanely committed. Insanely amusing. Insanely helpful. Insanely competent. Insanely individual. Insanely eloquent. Insanely noisy. Insanely party-loving. Insanely reliable. Insanely kind. Insanely well paid. Insanely eager to learn. Insanely innovative. Insanely courageous. Insanely challenging. Insanely greedy. Insanely motivated. Insanely experienced. Insanely passionate. Insanely annoying. Insanely authentic. Insanely handsome. Insanely human.

And all of this on more than one level. It’s a fine line between genius & insanity!

If YOU are insanely curious about us & would love to be part of our team, then I look forward to receiving your application – whether for one of our advertised positions or on spec. We can always make use of insanely good people!

Currently open positions

Bachelor or Master Thesis/Project Report
You already have an interesting subject for your Bachelor or Master thesis and would like to write it at our company? We support young talents while offering you customized career entry options and optimal future prospects in the plastics industry.

Scientific Assistant Posts
You’re in the middle of your studies and would like to gain valuable insights into practical work? Then, we’re just the right company for you! We’ll provide you with the best possible support in the areas where you feel your strong points lie. In the best case, you’ll be studying engineering (especially mechanical engineering, plastics technology, engineering and management, etc.), natural sciences (especially mathematics, physics, etc.), computer science or economics.

Speculative Applications
If we’re not advertising the job that you would ideally like, then we would be delighted to receive a speculative application from you. Simply send us your documents, including your CV and a letter of motivation.

We look forward to getting to know you.


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