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7 Must-Haves That Make Up Your Optimal Simulation Software

7 Must-Haves That Make Up Your Optimal Simulation Software


You are looking for a new plastic injection molding simulation software and not quite sure where or how to start your search and what exactly is important in such software? Then here are a few tips to help you choose the best software for you.

1. Fast computing speed

Computing speed is essential, since in most cases you will not only calculate a single simulation, but will want to compare different variants to identify the best solution.

2. highest accuracy

Of course, the fastest software is of no use to you if it does not deliver accurate results. It is not yet state of the art that results represent 100% of reality. However, you should make sure that the software you choose is as close as possible. You can find this out in advance, for example, by performing a service. The additional advantage is that you can use the results immediately for an ongoing project.

3. ease of use

Simulation software is a complex and powerful tool. If you are newly introducing it, you and your employees will have to learn how to use it. When looking at different software vendors, be sure to look for intuitive menu navigation. Otherwise you will make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself to get started.

4. presentation of results

Relevant results should be easily accessible, interpretable and shareable. Questions you should ask yourself are: What export formats does the software support? Are the results you need easily available and how easy is it to interpret and share them with your customers and colleagues?

5. optimization function

If you want to get the optimal result, given all parameters, you need to find the best one out of very many simulations. With 10 variants, you may still be able to do this manually. With 40, 50 or more variants, however, this will no longer be possible. Your software should therefore offer an automatic optimization function. German-language support and short distances to the software's development team are an absolute plus.

6. integrability

The simulation software should integrate as seamlessly as possible with other software products. This applies to upstream software, such as your CAD program, as well as downstream applications that involve machine settings or quality assurance.

7. good support

Especially in the early days, you will have some questions and need support. Fast and competent support is essential so that you and your team can quickly get up to speed and get the most out of the new process.

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