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Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding simulation


Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of plastic injection molding simulation are. Our opinion: if the prerequisites are right, it only brings advantages.

Injection molding simulation offers many advantages

Whether in space travel, road traffic or industry. Around the globe, professional computer simulations are used in almost all areas of life. The realistic recreation of real-life events in virtual space not only improves safety, but above all saves costs. Just a few years ago, for example, crash tests were carried out with numerous real cars under real conditions. Today, most of these tests are simulated in the computer, so that only a few vehicles have to be driven against the wall in real life.

Injection molding simulation saves costs and time

In the case of plastic injection molding processes, simulations can also save considerable costs and, above all, time. Even in the initial phase of a project, professional simulation solutions help to determine the feasibility of specific designs. Or they help, for example, to determine the most suitable machines for injection molding. In addition, the software solutions can be used to design molds and determine the optimum process parameters - long before the first real component is produced.

A definite plus: predicting component quality with injection molding simulation

Many injection molding defects occur during the filling phase. It is not uncommon for weld lines or voids or air inclusions to occur. Shrinkage and warpage of the components outside the tolerance limits lead to component rejects. This means that time-consuming and costly rework of the mold is necessary. Injection molding simulations are designed to predict these very defects. They identify problems that can occur and enable quick and easy testing with other parameters or part geometries. And they do this during the development phase, when changes can still be implemented easily and cost-effectively.

Precise simulation results

This is because the component properties are precisely displayed on the monitor as simulation results long before they can be measured in reality. Sophisticated injection molding simulation can also determine the orientations of different fiber-reinforced plastics and predict weak points in the component. For the mold manufacturer and the component designer, the precise data from the simulation make their work much easier. Thanks to them, time-consuming trial-and-error procedures are a thing of the past. Correction loops are significantly reduced.

The prerequisites must be right

For computer simulations to work and deliver realistic results, the computers first need a lot of input. If input data is missing as a basis for process calculation, or if it is inaccurate or even wrong, the injection molding simulation can also only output inaccurate results. The same can happen if the model to be calculated has been simplified so much on the computer that it does not reflect reality.
Highly professional injection molding simulation programs therefore contain extensive databases derived from countless measurements. Above all, this includes up-to-date material data, which have a considerable influence on the results of the simulation. The continuous updating of highly developed simulation software and the use of the latest program version enable precise component prediction.

It depends on the user

Engineers or toolmakers should also, or even must, be intimately familiar with the software. Service-strong software manufacturers therefore focus on user-oriented user interfaces and also offer easy-to-understand, user-specific and interactive training courses. They are also available to answer questions with their know-how. This is how injection molding simulations make a perfect part possible!

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