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Simulation optimizes precision part for an all-electric sportscar

SIMCON and HellermannTyton shed light on best practice in the design of sophisticated injection molded parts


Case Study: Optimization of a precision part for an all-electric sports car

It’s good to be good, but it’s better to be better

In times of ever-accelerating changes in market conditions, shorter product cycles, intensifying global competition in high-end manufacturing and rapid technological change, it is worth looking at your ways of working and asking: how can we do better?

HellermannTyton and SIMCON have now published a joint article outlining their views on the success factors for a modern simultaneous engineering process for plastic injection molding.

Virtualize your design iterations

Design virtualization plays a major role in this context. By simulating the injection molding process, it is possible to create a digital twin that is ideal for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Virtualization enables part designers, mold designers and machine setters to identify and solve the problems of a design in a front-loaded way, before the mold has been built. Changing and updating a digital design is considerably cheaper and faster than modifying and correcting a physical mold made of steel.

As a result, issues are caught and fixed early, during virtual design. Meaningful changes and improvements can be implemented before incurring the cost and commitment of building the mold. Mold corrections are reduced, saving costs and improving time-to-market.

Read our joint article to see an example!

In the article, this approach is illustrated by an electric charging socket holder for a prestigious sports-car OEM. If you are seeking inspiration for redesigning your own ways of working, you can download the article here:


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