2K & Insert

Simulate two-component and multi-component parts

2K 2K-Spritzguss einleger kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


CADMOULD 2K & Insert enables you to simulate two-component and multi-component parts. You can simulate parts that are produced by sequentially injecting different thermoplastics against each other, as well as parts with inserts made of different materials (such as metal). If these are techniques you use, then 2K & Insert represents an ideal complement to the modules Fill (simulation of filling), Pack (simulation of packing pressure and cooling phase) and Warp (simulation of shrinkage and warpage).

2K & Insert computes the following results:

  • Filling of the part (with multiple materials / with inserts)
  • Pressure distribution
  • Temperatures (also inside the components)
  • Flow speeds
  • Deformation of inserts or core shift during the injection phase (in combination with the Structural FEM module)3
  • Weld lines and air inclusions
  • Freezing, sealing and demolding time
  • Shrinkage, for 2K or insert parts
  • Warpage
  • Deformation
  • Mechanical stress (including frozen residual stresses)


  • Optimally design multi-component processes
  • Determine and optimize the thermal and mechanical influence of individual components on the part
  • Detect and eliminate filling problems in multi-component parts (air inclusions, weld lines, etc.)
  • Solve shrinkage and warpage issues in multi-component parts
  • Identify ways to reduce the total warpage of multi-component parts
  • Specify cycle times and optimal preheating temperatures of inserts
  • Reduce sampling and waste, since the process parameters are already known and optimized
  • As a result, get a better first-time right rate and reduce costly mold corrections. This results in significant time and cost savings
  • The simulation results enable you to discuss options, advantages and disadvantages with your customers and colleagues

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