2K & Insert

Simulation of the injection molding process with inserts and multicomponent parts

2K 2K-Spritzguss einleger kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould 2K & Insert simulates the injection molding process for plastic parts incorporating inserts and overmolded components. The software calculates the thermal and mechanical influence of one or more inserts, including those in dissimilar materials. Contact surfaces are identified automatically.

Using 2K & Insert to precisely predict shrinkage and overall warpage allows you to design multicomponent parts, molds and multistage injection molding processes both rapidly and efficiently. You can readily establish the causes of shrinkage and warpage and clearly reduce their severity. This reduces the number of modification loops and the amount of finishing work required to the mold on a lasting basis.


  • Calculates shrinkage and overall warpage with allowance for the mechanical and thermal behavior of the inserts and overmolded parts
  • Also makes allowance for multiple inserts in dissimilar materials
  • Takes the fiber orientation in the part and the insert into consideration, together with the thermal coupling
  • Employs constant, defined starting temperatures or adopts the temperatures from a prior simulation
  • Compatible with Cadmould Fill, Warp Expert and Cool


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