Structural FEM

Fully integrated simulation of the mechanical behavior of plastic parts subject to load or deformation

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Parts subject to load or deformation with the finite element method (FEM) and outputs the calculated reinforcement effect of the fibers. This software thus permits a structural analysis to be performed directly within the simulation of the injection molding process.

With Structural FEM, you readily and rapidly achieve the best possible mechanical layout and a material and weight-optimized design for all plastic parts. An analysis performed with this user-friendly software ensures that the material selected is suitably tailored to the load and permits a straightforward comparison of variants such as ribs, wall thicknesses and fiber orientation. The result: decisively improved, cost-efficient engineering of the part, mold and process.


  • Calculates, on a fully integrated basis, the strains and stresses caused by external and internal loads, as well as the deformation due to forces, pressures, torque, gravity and centrifugal force
  • Simulates a very wide range of materials, such as non-reinforced and reinforced plastics, including fiber orientation, etc.
  • Permits molded part geometries to be readily imported via an integral CAD kernel in STL, IGES and other formats
  • Uses the integrated, extensive Cadmould® material database for plastics and metals
  • Makes allowance for temperature influences
  • Permits the dimensional accuracy of a part to be analyzed, including any deformation during assembly
  • Permits fixing points for parts to be readily defined
  • Provides advice on the design of plastic parts on the basis of material-specific critical strain
  • Visualizes results in animations and 3D sections
  • Can be fully integrated in Cadmould® with no additional interfaces required
  • Assists in the interpretation of results


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