Thermal Part Analysis

thermisches werkzeugverhalten cool kühlsystem kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould

Core Functionalities

CADMOULD Cool allows you to thermally design your mold and is the ideal
complement to the Fill, Pack and Warp modules (simulation of filling, holding
pressure and cooling phases, and of shrinkage and warpage). It computes detailed
results concerning wall temperatures and the temperature control system:

  • Number of cycles to the thermally stable state of the mold
  • Local variation of cavity wall temperatures during the entire cycle
  • Flow rate and pressure loss in the temperature control system
  • Temperature change of the tempering medium
  • Turbulence of the flow
  • Temperature control efficiency
  • Note: For full mold (as opposed to just cavity and cooling system) thermal
    simulation, also see our module T-Box


  • Optimal design of wall temperatures in the mold
  • Safe design of temperature control systems
  • Reduced sampling and less waste, as cooling times are already known and
  • Design cooling systems, without needing to go back to CAD
  • Detect and eliminate hot spots due to mass accumulation or heat transfer
    processes in the mold
  • Optimize cooling systems that are already in use, by determining optimal
    process parameters
  • Reduce cycle times by optimizing the thermal system for the part and process
  • Determine optimal cooling times
  • As a result, better first-time right rate and reduction of costly mold corrections.
    This results in significant time and cost savings
  • The simulation results enable you to discuss options, advantages and
    disadvantages with your customers and colleagues

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