Layout and optimization of the cooling system in the thermal simulation of injection molds

thermisches werkzeugverhalten cool kühlsystem kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould


Cadmould Cool simulates the thermal behavior of the mold, supplying reliable data for the calculation of injection molding processes. The software thus optimizes the cooling system in the mold and reduces cycle times.

With Cool you can perform a rapid comparison of variants for different cooling systems, detect and eliminate hot spots at the design stage of the injection mold already and, in this way, reduce the amount of warpage in plastic parts.


  • Calculates the temperature distribution during the entire process
  • Calculates conventional, conformal and impulse cooling systems
  • Calculates transiently with a multi-cycle simulation up to a thermally stable state
  • Analyzes the efficiency of the cooling system
  • Makes allowance for different materials for the mold inserts and mold steel
  • Simulates with different cooling media
  • Calculates the flow processes in the cooling channel (temperature increase in the cooling agent, pressure loss, verification of turbulence, etc.)
  • Displays results in animations and 3D sections and automatically generates reports in HTML, MS-Word or PowerPoint format.
  • Imports and exports cooling channel geometries in STL, IGES and other formats
  • Supports the CAD-independent layout of cooling channelsIncludes an expandable database for mold
  • Includes an expandable database for mold and insert materials as well as cooling media


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