Simulation of Fiber Orientation

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould fiber

Core Funktionality

CADMOULD Fiber allows you to simulate the fiber orientation in your part. It calculates detailed results across time, and displays the averaged over the wallthickness, or in different layers:

  • Fiber orientation direction
  • Degree of fiber orientation

CADMOULD Fiber is an ideal complement to the Fill (simulation of filling), Pack (simulation of holding pressure and cooling phase) and Warp (simulation of shrinkage and warpage) modules.


  • Precisely simulate fiber orientation direction and degree of fiber orientation
  • Take into account fiber-related anisotropy when computing shrinkage and warpage
  • Solve warpage issues through the analysis of fiber orientation. Warpage can then be reduced through optimized gating points, wall thicknesses and process parameters2
  • Export fiber orientation results to other software, e.g. FEM structural solvers, crash testing simulations, or acoustic engineering applications
Fiber orientation throughout the filling process

CADMOULD Fiber simulates fiber orientation throughout the filling process

CT scans verify the accuracy of CADMOULD's fiber orientation
Accurate simulation of filling behavior for a fiber-reinforced material helps identify filling issues

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