Simulating the Filling Phase

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould fill

Core Functionality

CADMOULD Fill is our foundational module. It helps you to simulate the filling phase
of your component, and calculates the results listed below, in detail. You can view
these results in 3D, as a cross section, and as an animation across time.

  • Filling of the part
  • Pressure distribution
  • Temperatures
  • Flow speeds
  • Clamping forces during filling (for clamping forces in the holding pressure and
    cooling phase, the Pack module is additionally required)
  • Forces on sliders during filling
  • Weld lines
  • Air inclusions and venting
  • Cooling time estimation and shot volume

Benefits: What you can achieve using CADMOULD Fill

  • Optimal design of the part filling
  • Optimized design of hot and cold runner systems
  • Determine suitable gating positions automatically, and balance gating systems
  • Adjust gating systems, as well as part wall thicknesses, directly in CADMOULD,
    without needing to go back to CAD
  • Design multiple-cavity molds
  • Achieve a better first-time right rate, reducing sampling time and material
    waste, since the parameters of the filling phase are already known and
    optimized. Reduce costly mold corrections. This results in significant time and
    cost savings.
  • The simulation results enable you to discuss options, advantages and
    disadvantages with your customers and colleagues

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