Precise layout of part filling

kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould fill


Cadmould Fill delivers key data for calculating the part and the mold on the basis of the precise layout of the runner system and part filling. The software performs a detailed simulation of the entire filling phase for the injection molding process: filling diagram, pressure distribution, temperatures, flow rates, clamping force, forces on slide bars, weld lines and entrapped air.

Simulating an injection molding process with Fill allows you to conduct a rapid and straightforward check on each geometry for a design suitably tailored to the plastic and to automatically compare different part and injection variants. You then achieve optimum part filling and can design the hot and cold runner systems in an accurate and reliable manner. This reduces the number of modification loops, avoids injection molding errors and saves considerable time and costs during development.


  • Automatically determines one or more suitable gating points
  • Depicts results in animations and 3D sections
  • Simulates hot and cold runner systems
  • Automatically balances the runner system for multiple gates
  • Determines the layout of family and multicavity molds
  • Varies process parameters on the basis of DOE
  • Uses profiles to precisely depict the filling phase
  • Determines the cooling time and shot volume
  • Permits the use of sensors for the precise determination of local results
  • Simulates cascade injection molding as an option
  • Automatically generates individually configurable reports in HTML, MS-Word or PowerPoint formats.
  • Imports molded part geometries and gating systems in STL, STEP and IGES or other formats
  • Exports gating systems in IGES and STL formats
  • Supports the CAD-independent design of gating systems and the adjustment of molded part wall thicknesses


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