Software for the simulation of plastic components and tools in injection moulding - from development to production

Our software:

Our engineers, plastics technicians, chemists and toolmakers have developed CADMOULD and VARIMOS especially for the design of plastic components, injection moulding of plastics and tool making. The result is software that supports you from design development to the ready-to-use series product in a target-oriented and practical way.


Modular simulation for the optimization of injection molding processes


Fully automatic optimization and quality assurance for injection molding processes



The basic package for all beginners, curious & designers who want to perform small calculations quickly and easily.

Including Fill, Batch, and Hoops Exchange.


Warp-it! is suitable for advanced users who want to perform a more comprehensive analysis.

Includes Fill, Warp, Cool, Pack, Fiber, Batch and Hoops Exchange.


Comprehensive injection moulding simulation for detailed simulation results.

Including Fill, Warp, Cool, Pack, Fiber, T-Box + Hoops Exchange and 4 additional modules! Choose 4 of 7 of the following modules: 2K + Insert, Unwarp, Foam, Batch, Injection Compression, Structural FEM, Cascardic.


Via mouse click to the ideal injection moulding solution. Varimize-it! supports you fully automatically with the help of AI!

Including Fill, Warp, Cool, Pack, Fiber, Batch, Hoops Exchange, Cool, T-Box, 2K & Insert, Cascardic, Unwarp, Injection Compression, Foam, Structural FEM, Foam, VARIMOS Virtual.


For more flexibility we offer you to use the software on a monthly basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Including 1 day full version of Cadmould.

Cadmould Viewer

In search of our Cadmould Viewer? The Viewer allows you to share detailed simulation results with external parties. Please use the form on the next page to get the CADMOULD viewer.


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