Fully automatic optimization and quality assurance for injection molding processes

Achieving the best product and process design more rapidly

VARIMOS automates the design of experiments and thus ensures better plastics parts, molds and processes. The software independently and systematically simulates a large number of specified process and geometry variables for the injection molding process.

The integrated AI in VARIMOS compiles and captures all the simulation results and analyses them independently. The software thus creates its own pool of knowledge and compiles a process model. The result: you take the correct decisions for achieving the best possible results in just a short period of time.

Achieve a part ready for serial production up to 50% faster: VARIMOS effectively optimizes the development process.

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Benefits for your workflow

Under control

Keep your injection molding process under control – from the very outset and right through to the serial part. VARIMOS ensures that the dimensional tolerances are observed in the development phase already.


VARIMOS independently develops a model of the injection molding process. This facilitates and speeds up the entire development phase and guarantees the most efficient process design.

Short cycles

VARIMOS varies process parameters such as the injection temperature and injection pressure in order to achieve the shortest possible production cycles too.

Ideal results

The fully automatic variation of part and process parameters leads to a considerably better product design – including 100% quality control and documentation that can suitably be used for audits.

Easier, faster, better

  • automatic design of experiments, including parameter variation
  • fewer iteration loops for a considerably shorter time-to-market
  • intelligent process model for the best part and process design

Product development process

With VARIMOS, you make the right decisions during the most important phase of the development process. This keeps down costs and lead times. The design of experiments and intelligent interpretation of the simulation results by VARIMOS optimizes plastics processing systems automatically and in a targeted manner. You are then ready for serial production up to 50% more rapidly.

Product design

VARIMOS provides sound validation of the feasibility of a product design right at the start of the development process. This simplifies the balance between creative design, on the one hand, and technical specifications, material properties and the production process, on the other.

Part design
Varimos Brita

The automated design of experiments with VARIMOS reduces the number of iteration loops, secures compliance with the quality requirements on the part and improves cooperation with mold designers.

Mold design

The automated design of experiments with VARIMOS reduces the number of iteration loops, secures compliance with the quality requirements on the mold and improves cooperation with part designers. VARIMOS permits a rapid, easy and reliable feasibility analysis and helps achieve reliable capacity planning and improved capacity exploitation.


Working on the basis of the design of experiments and the automated measuring of parts, VARIMOS optimizes machine settings independently, giving consideration to product quality and cycle time.

Serial production

VARIMOS shortens production cycles while enabling the gap-free depiction and assessment of the process at the same time. Automated documentation simplifies quality assurance in the production process.

Application workflow

VARIMOS virtual


In the development phase, VARIMOS virtual links the injection molding simulation to the systematic design of experiments and an intelligent optimization. By varying the geometry and process parameters, the software automatically improves the shrinkage and warpage and achieves an in-spec part.


Varimos real

VARIMOS real automatically optimizes the machine setting for the production of in-spec parts. The integrated AI constantly expands its knowledge pool with results data taken from preceding simulations. The system guarantees very short cycle times through its design of experiments. The product development process is verified and depicted in full.


  • Injection molding simulation in CADMOULD
  • Virtual optimization with VARIMOS virtual
  • Fine-tuning of the injection molding machine with Varimos real

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