More than simulation: With the Unwarp module for CADMOULD, prototypes can be produced on a 3D printer

The Unwarp module in the CADMOULD simulation software allows users to print parts on a 3D printer, while they are still at an early stage of development. This makes it possible to conduct a precise assessment of their haptics.

Simulating the injection molding process with software offers key advantages for the development of parts and molds. And if users can hold a “real” prototype in their hands, this optimizes the product and process still further. With its Unwarp module, our CADMOULD simulation software generates a VRML file (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) for 3D printers from the simulation results. Users are then able to examine and evaluate the haptics of the final product, already at the development stage. Alongside a complete virtual view of the part, this option provides an additional means of detecting potential errors during mold and molded part design. As a result, you can correct errors at an early stage and a low cost.

Unwarp allows sink marks to be felt

The CADMOULD add-on module Unwarp forwards the part dimensions to the printer precisely as they would result from the injection molding process. The user can then see and feel the weak points on the product itself. “In addition to the warpage and overall shrinkage, the points where sink marks appear on the surface are also evident”, says Angela Kriescher, Product Manager at Simcon, in explaining the new feature. By incorporating the prototype in the product demonstration, a faster decision can then be taken for or against a specific design. And a further advantage – the part’s precise fit with other parts can similarly be tested and assessed.

It doesn’t have to be an industrial printer

Users can decide for themselves what type of 3D printer the files are to be used with. For an initial assessment of parts, it is usually sufficient to print a product on a low-cost filament printer from the home office range. If a high-precision assessment is required of the thickness shrinkage on a flat surface, or an accurate fit with other parts is to be tested, then we recommend the use of a high-resolution industrial 3D printer. With its module “Unwarp”, CADMOULD delivers the universal data for all applications directly from the simulation.

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