Injection molding simulation to also touch and hold now

Werkzeugtemperierung kunststoff spritzguss simulation cadmould T-Box

T-Box for optimum heating/cooling of the mold, multicomponent simulation for the RIM process too, or thickness shrinkage that you can touch and hold – as of the end of 2018, the new Version 11 of Simcon’s CADMOULD software will be offering an extended range of functions.

Würselen. – One of the most important elements in designing the perfect plastic part is achieving the correct layout of the individual injection molds, since these form the basis for an optimum process. This is why the engineers at Simcon kunststofftechnische Software GmbH focused especially on the “T-Box” when developing the new Version 11 of their CADMOULD simulation software. The extended range of functions offered by this add-on now makes it even easier to calculate and configure the temperature profile in the mold, thus effectively shortening the design phase – especially in the case of complex geometries.

With the optimized T-Box, an injection mold can be read into the simulation software either as a “rough” sketch or as a finished design – together with a large number of parameters such as heating/cooling channels, the gate, parting surfaces and inserts for multicomponent molds in a range of materials. CADMOULD then compiles a high-precision 3D simulation of the temperature profiles from the totality of the data.  In so doing, the software automatically makes allowance for the influence of standard components – such as Hasco TempFlex hoses. Now users can vary these parameters directly within the simulation software, evaluate their impact on the simulation and easily configure the best solution.

CADMOULD supports trends in injection molding production

With its CADMOULD update, Simcon has also taken up the trends emerging in the world of injection molding. The simulation of the Reaction Injection Molding process – abbreviated to RIM – is now fully integrated in the software. This allows multicomponent injection molding processes to be simulated for RIM too. In this way, manufacturers can make optimum use of all the advantages that the current combined production processes offer in terms of quality and cost efficiency. This includes, for example, in-mold coating where the injection molding and coating are performed in a two-stage process step in one and the same mold.

When it comes to evaluating the simulation data from CADMOULD V 11, Simcon now offers a further option in addition to a display on the monitor: with the Unwarp module, users can feel and hold the simulation results too. To achieve this, the values determined for warpage, shrinkage and – as a new function – the thickness shrinkage at sink marks are exported to a 3D printer. The component can then be evaluated haptically too, right at the development stage.

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