Coronavirus forces businesses to work remotely: We support customers by expanding remote accessibility and online services

Our goal: Helping companies by expanding online services and providing fast, flexible and efficient remote access

These are unique and unusual times. The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy. It is also a significant operational and economic challenge for many companies in the plastics industry. Many employees are now working from home, forcing companies to re-think and redesign their ways of working, on the fly. We as a provider of world-leading injection moulding simulation and optimization solutions CADMOULD and VARIMOS are helping companies meet these challenges, by expanding online services, and by providing fast, flexible and efficient remote access to their solutions.

We are unlocking home-office use for CADMOULD users

We are providing customers with free upgrades that enable them to use CADMOULD from home.  This way, users can continue their simulation and optimization work, remotely. Users can request the upgrade by email, then download it and get going immediately.

Simulation and optimization e-learning at CADMOULD Online Academy

We have launched the e-learning platform CADMOULD Online Academy. Part designers, quality assurance experts and injection moulding practitioners can learn best practices in simulation and optimization, using our cutting-edge tools CADMOULD and VARIMOS. Engaging interactive videos, practical examples and challenging exercises show users how to achieve higher quality parts faster, at lower cost and with less risk and stress. Personal user support ensures that no questions remain unanswered.

Learn about simulation software in the Online Bootcamp

Our CADMOULD online injection moulding simulation bootcamps are full-day webinar-style trainings. Under the personal guidance of our experienced simulation experts, bootcamp participants train how to use CADMOULD and VARIMOS to master their injection moulding projects more efficiently, simply and reliably. Many companies have been using downtime to foster these skills and adjust their processes accordingly, so that they can resume operations with revived speed and efficiency, once production ramps up again.

Are you interested in the CADMOULD Online Bootcamps?

Would you like to expand your knowledge with the CADMOULD Online Academy?

Would you like to receive a home office CADMOULD license?

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